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We love sharing architecture here at The Design Emotive, sounds simple.

We’ve been growing an audience since 2015, long before it was known as ‘The Design Emotive’, where today our community sits at over 61,000*. Since the start of 2019, on Instagram we’ve seen a growth of 83%, over 10,000,000 impressions and 66,000 views on our videos*. Our new YouTube channel is seeing crazy growth, and we are seeing more and more people visit the website.

We believe video is the way forward, and so our collaboration/s together will be focused around the original video content we produce with leading Australian architects. Video is such a powerful medium for storytelling and engagement, yet is highly under-utilised in architecture, so we’re looking to change that.

Our audience is made up of architects, builders, students, people looking for inspiration for their own dream home but also those who just love good architecture and design. Our goal is to continue growing our community to benefit everyone, whether that’s the architect, the design-lover or a product supplier.

We currently have advertising and content packages for brands , so if you’d like to know more, use the form below to request our latest media kit, or send us an email.

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*the figures presented here were accurate at the time of writing, 26/10/19, contact us for updated figures