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The Local Project is Australia’s fastest growing design platform.

Emphasising sustainable production and quality materials, The Local Project celebrates honest and human-centred design to an inspired community.

Since 2016, our loyal and dedicated following has grown exponentially to over 500,000 members. In 2017, The Local
Project saw over 125,000,000 impressions across all channels, placing us as one of the world’s most influential platforms
dedicated to showcasing design. In 2018, we saw over 235,000,000 impressions, cementing our status in the
world’s top design publications.

Our audience is a genuine cross-section of the design community, encompassing consumers, architects and interior designers, developers,
and design and construct firms. This provides a rare opportunity to engage with all sectors of the community. As each group within our audiences in turn
influences each other sector, it is a remarkably efficient and holistic marketing platform that speaks authentically to each sector.

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