Ahoy! @ArchitectureVictoria started out as a simple Instagram account back in April 2015, I was in my third year of architecture school and started discovering all the amazing projects found in Melbourne and beyond. I started the account as a way to share with people the projects I was coming across, which was out of pure excitement. Since then the account has been growing steadily, and have shared hundreds of projects found in Victoria, architecture news, covered award winners from the AIA and ArchiTeam, help raise awareness for events, assisted in activism and have trialled different posting methods as the account grows and evolves.

On the third birthday of @ArchitectureVictoria, I decided to launch this website. By having a website, it allows further story-telling of each project, as well as sharing news and more.

If you're interested in submitting a project for publication, click on Submit in the top-right corner.


Who's Behind This?


I thought I'd put my face behind this publication, and introduce myself. My name is Anthony, I'm a recent graduate (at the time of writing) from the Melbourne School of Design with a Masters in Architecture, and work in architecture media. I don't mind pointing my camera at buildings and other stuff I see and uploading it to the internets.

I really don't know what else to say, I guess to best way getting to know me is just follow me on Instagram at @anthonyrichardson_, Twitter at @antrichardson_ and on LinkedIn. And only if you want to, check out my other website, www.anthonyrichardson.me.

Thanks for stopping by!