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We are always looking for new (and older) projects to publish over on The Design Emotive’s Instagram account. Use the form below to send us your project, or alternatively, email your media kit to

We are also a big user of BowerBird, so if your project is on there, please send us a message to let us know.

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Something to think about

The Design Emotive is apart of Red Brick Media, a fresh digital media studio that primarily focuses on video production. If you’d like a video made for your project that you can use as part of your media strategy, but will also feature heavily here on The Design Emotive, reach out to

We are also looking for amazing projects to feature more in-depth, using video as a medium to tell the story. The most important decider is accessibility to the client/s, so if your clients are willing to jump in-front of a camera to talk about their home reach out to us.

Not only that, we are looking for architects to talk to on camera. If you think you can brave the lens, and want to share more about your practice, reach out.

We hope to hear from you in one capacity or another.