Red Brick Media

The short-version of what is Red Brick Media, basically it’s a digital media studio that focuses on telling architectural stories, primarily through video. The goal of the studio is to bring your story to life through video, and want to make the whole world aware of it. Red Brick Media and The Design Emotive are founded, and managed by the same person, Anthony. Technically The Design Emotive (back then ArchitectureVictoria) came first, and then Red Brick Media a few years later. Now it may get confusing as to what one does compared to the other, so here is a basic rundown;

Red Brick Media creates content, whether that be architectural photography, videos or written word. That includes content is for architects to use in their marketing, as well as original video content here on The Design Emotive
The Design Emotive shares and distributes architecture and design, including projects not photographed by Red Brick Media / Anthony.

Red Brick Media is a service for architects, so if you want photography for your project, or perhaps a video made, that can be done. Email with some details, and we can start a discussion about your project. If you want to see some of Red Brick Media’s work, visit the website,, or alternatively check out articles, stories, videos, projects, etc featured here that use Red Brick Media below.


Red Brick Media here on The Design Emotive