In Absence by Edition Office


– Future –

The dark and enigmatic exterior form of the tower exerts a tangible presence upon the NGV’s garden and to the people venturing within it, and asserts a yearning to be felt and witnessed as it rises up to meet the scale and stature of the NGV. The void within the centre of the memorial, the false absence of a people, leads the audience inwards to a mirrored pair of chambers whose form and scale are that of the traditional and permanent, stone and thatch dwellings of many indigenous nations from a pre-colonised Australia.
— From the architects

Architects _ Edition Office with Yhonnie Scarce _ @editionoffice + @yhonniescarce _
Location _ Melbourne, Victoria
Render _ Supplied by Edition Office

Yhonnie Scarce and Edition Office were announced as winners of 2019 NGV Architecture Commission.⁣


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