How to Increase the Value of your Home in 5 Easy Steps

Original article by Wesley Spencer

We all know what makes a home practical. Especially how to customise it to suit us. And let’s face it, as we grow older, we become more complicated and particular, especially with how we like things in our home. But the way you live is unique, so it’s understandable that it could get confusing deciding how to present your home to maximise value.

Here are 5 easy steps.

1. Inspire your audience.

Remember this in every decision you make – people inspecting your home are looking to improve their lifestyle. Your home should inspire them toward this goal.

You need to find the fine balance between having enough character that gives your home a point of difference without going overboard, and putting them off; but also, not going too far in the other direction, with only greys and neutrals, you run the risk of people forgetting they even saw your home, especially if they visited 5 or 6 in one day. Just the fact they forgot it is enough to pass it up. You want them to say “you know, the one with the ….” And not “you know, the one with the horrible pink in the bedroom”. The best thing to do is to put memorable objects in the home, that are not fixed in, which help prospectors imagine themselves living in the house – think of a tepee in the kid’s bedroom, or a Christmas tree (if in the appropriate season). Avoid strong or offensive colours painted on walls, but that doesn’t mean ‘avoid colour altogether’.

2. Remove the clutter.

There’s a difference between character and personal needs. I see lots of quirky lifehacks around people’s houses, like wallpaper lining the inside of drawers, or 3M hooks in random spots to hold together fairy lights or tea towels. These are not going to make the buyer feel like they’re getting value. It’s like hanging a cup holder on the door of a Rolls Royce. And no, no one is going to remark on your genius innovation for the bulldog clip. Clear all this away! Keep the space as uncluttered as possible. If the dining room is a bit squeezy, remove the buffet. Still squeezy? Make it a 4 seater instead of a 6 …

Go to your wardrobe. Remove all ‘off-season’ clothing and take it to your mum’s house. Add to that half of the ‘on-season’ clothing to the point that it looks like the clothes you have left would fit in a small suitcase. Lean toward leaving behind starchy white shirts and remove any multi-coloured clothing. The shelves should look ample, not crammed full of clothes. Think Prada, not BigW.

Remove everything stuck to the fridge, and likewise, clear out the bathroom – no one cares what brand of haemorrhoid cream you have.


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