3 Podcasts to Listen to Over the Holidays


By now you’re probably well-and-truly in holiday mode, with two weeks away from the office, deadlines, details, AutoCAD and constant stream of emails. However, despite the break, architects still love architecture and want to consume it. That’s why I’ve got three podcast series for you to listen to on your break.

When you think about it, podcasts are perfect for the upcoming break. You might be on a plane for 8 hours each way and need something to entertain you. Maybe you’re road-tripping and want to listen to something. Or you could just be relaxing in the backyard, doing some gardening, and need something in your ears while you do the weeding. Whatever the situation, here are three podcasts that will give you your fix over the holidays.


BowerBird Architecture Podcast – BowerBird

I consider this the most practical of the three podcasts, with all due respect to the other two. The reason for this, the podcast by Nic and Ben at BowerBird will help you prepare to get your projects published in the new year. There are 17 episodes, covering topics such as mistakes architects make with media, how to create a media kit, how to engage an architecture photographer, lifespan of architecture in the media and much, much more.

I’ve personally listened to this podcast from start-to-finish, twice. As someone who manages an architecture publication, it’s extremely valuable.

Listen below, find their podcast on iTunes


New Architects Podcast – New Architects Melbourne

Monique and Scott from WOWOWA, Michael and Nick from ArchitectureArchitecture, Katelin and Cassie from Architecture Media, Anthony from BLOXAS… These are just some of the guests that grace the New Architects Podcast, hosted by Dan Moore. There are some really great thought-provoking discussions in their first season, definitely more than enough to top up your architecture-supply.

Listen below, find their podcast through their website


Architecture Firm Marketing – Vanity Projects

Hosted by Dave Sharp, he has conversations with directors, architects, media gurus, and game-changers. The conversations are quite candid and free-flowing, just like two people having a chat. Just some examples of his podcast, he chats to Lola from Breathe Architecture about Nightingale, Nic from BowerBird about the media landscape, and Warwick from Mihaly Slocombe Architects about, well, everything.

Listen below, find their podcast through their website


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