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“Taylor Knights believe in creating exciting and meaningful spaces that can enrich our lives. We believe that good design is spirited, thoughtful and a joy to experience. We are a Melbourne-based practice of architects and designers, established in 2013.   

Our approach to the design process is a simple but rigorous one that draws deeply upon understanding and responding to that which is essential: the senses, the seasons, the environment. We take delight in creating and discovering these moments in each of our projects. 

As a studio, we relish the concept (and the challenge) of ‘hard-working’ design – the idea that good architecture can and should be beautiful, considered, flexible, and enduring. We are a team with an appreciation for the craft of building and making, and we admire and look to the skills of our trades to help realise our projects. 

We aim to create unique, highly sensitive and engaging spaces that are a true reflection of their evolving context and situation which can be enjoyed now and into the future. “

Fitzroy, Victoria



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