Rara Architecture


“RARA Architecture designs creative solutions to solve your living needs as you & your family evolve.

Our founder, Wesley, didn’t grow up with much. Following his family’s emigration from Egypt, they lived in a small house in Melbourne’s West where the modest space became the catalyst for his architectural future. “One of my biggest bugbears was that we had no north facing windows in our living room, despite having an external wall”.

Since then, Wesley has been determined to improve buildings with considered design. “You don’t need to spend millions or fit your home out with the latest trend in stone or technology. You just need to be thoughtful about how the space functions and who will be living and breathing within it”.

RARA have become leaders in solving planning and layout dilemmas across Melbourne. We produce innovative contemporary & heritage architectural solutions, and interior design to suit the discerning taste of the Melbourne lifestyle.“

West Melbourne, Victoria



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