Architects, We Want To Film Your Projects


This year at here at The Design Emotive we have been looking more into video, whether that’s through our Section Cut series, a few Project Feature or our new An Architect’s Home series. We see a lot of potential in utilising video to communicate the value of architecture and architects, and we’re excited to focus more and more on video content.

We can’t do it alone though, we need you! If we can gain access to your amazing projects, we’d love to film and feature them!

Our goal is to showcase amazing architecture to the wider community, letting you, the architect, communicate your ideas and perspectives. However, we also want to hear from your clients, and how their new home is so amazing thanks to you.

It’s not just about the finished project though, as we are undertaking a fantastic series with Kuzman Architecture, 10x3. They have purchased a 3m x 10m block of land in Fitzroy, so yep, 30sqm, and we are filming and releasing a monthly video throughout the entire project, from concept to completion. We feel this type of documentation will really show what it is an architect does. If you have an extra special project on your desk at the moment, and it’s based in metropolitan Melbourne, we may be interested. Use this email, to pitch your project.

We want to start booking in shoots for your projects, so if this is something you’re interested in, email me at with some project details, estimated access date and some photos (even your iPhone photos will be fine).


Some of our recent project videos


A couple of FAQs that haven’t been frequently asked…


Q | How much is it?
A | We have two answers for this… If you check out our Rates page, that will have the fees for a typical project feature video (as well as if you want additional photography). Or, it may not cost you anything providing you’re able to help out securing a “brand deal”.


Q | Wait, brand deal? What is that?
A | So we are looking for product suppliers to partner up to help support The Design Emotive. We want to make sure we work with product and material suppliers that architects genuinely love using. If there was a particular product or material you specified for your project that you genuinely loved, we would reach out to that company to see if they’d be interested in “sponsoring” the video. In return, we’d need to record a little bit of extra footage of the product or material, and have you explain to camera why you chose them, etc. Providing you’re comfortable with that.


Q | How much time do you need at my project?
A | Roughly 4, maybe 5 hours


Q | Can I see the video before you publish?
A | Yes with an asterisk. I will typically send through the interview portion first to get your approval for the things you’ve said. After you’re happy with what you’ve said, I will typically forge ahead, finish the edit and publish.


Q | So how do you determine if a project is suitable?
A | We want to ensure that the projects we film and feature fit in The Design Emotive’s creative vision and direction. It’s a very hard thing to put down to words, so as Dennis Denuto would say, “it’s the vibe”. Send through your project and we’ll take a look.


Q | We’re in Sydney, is that a problem?
A | Not at all! Being based in Melbourne doesn’t mean that we will only film Melbourne projects, in fact we want to travel around Australia capturing amazing projects! However, to make things viable, it does mean a little bit more planning (to secure a few projects), so if you have multiple projects, or if you could get some other architect’s on board, we will definitely come up for a week.


Q | Our clients are private people and don’t want to appear on camera, is that a problem?
A | No problem at all! We understand and respect their desire to remain private, or if they’re camera shy. We are still more-than-happy to film your project with just you and the home.


Q | What if I want something a bit different to your typical project feature video?
A | The Design Emotive has a creative vision, but we can also execute your own creative vision. For example, if you want just a drone flyover video, we can do that (subject to CASA law, local regulations, yadadadada). However, those videos don’t suit our vision. Although while we may not publish your drone video, many other publications and social media accounts will!


Q | We had someone else produce a video for us, can we give it to you to upload and publish?
A | For the time being, we are avoiding publishing videos produced by others to our YouTube channel. We are also avoiding having photographs taken by others in videos we produce and publish, so no Ken Burns effects.


Q | Okay I’m in, now what?!
A | Let’s have a chat, send an email to and tell me about the project, attach some photos and the plans even. We will assess the project and take it from there!


We look forward to hearing from you!