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Architects Aren't Taught Business | Dom Cerantonio, Cera Stribley Architects

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Cera Stribley Architects
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Unfortunately, we’re a bit too quiet as an industry. It’s part of being an architect is, or an architecture firm is being able to create better buildings, and we can do that through one our own practice, but trying to inform governments that what is best practice may not be what’s our current policy.
— Dom Cerantonio, Cera Stribley Architects

Dom Cerantonio, along with Chris Stribley, founded Cera Stribley Architects around six years ago. What started out as a typical small architecture practice focusing on single-residential projects, has grown to a practice of 38 with projects across a variety of scales. Prior to Cera Stribley Architects, Dom worked with a commercial and mult-residential practice, with a focus on design and front-end. Chris on the other hand worked for a high-end residential firm, but focused more on the back-end and delivery side of projects. These differing backgrounds has helped shape their practice into a well-rounded business, including started a sole-interiors side.

On this episode of Section Cut we sit down with Dom as he takes us through Cera Stribley Architects, inspiration for his work, his thoughts on architects and business and the need for architects to have a louder voice.

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