Whitlam Place by Freadman White with Anon Studio


Whitlam Place by Freadman White

Editor’s Pick

Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia
Picked by Anthony | 01.09.19

Whitlam Place by @freadmanwhite is an apartment building among the gum trees, with a distinctive green and bronze tone. Pop-out windows with brass frames give depth and texture to the facade, and internally frame-up views of the city skyline and Fitzroy.

Each of the eleven apartments at Whitlam Place by @freadmanwhite has a different personality, and possibly the strongest personality being the penthouse apartment. A curved glazed wall wraps around the rooftop courtyard, and a coloured skylight transforms the space throughout the day.⁠


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Project Information

Located in Fitzroy, Victoria
Photographed by @gavin__green
In collaboration with @anonstudio



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