Tudor Revival by Warc Studio


Tudor Revival by Warc Studio

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Balwyn, Victoria, Australia
Picked by Anthony | 8.9.19

The design intent was to create a series of new spaces that were derived from a contemporary interpretation of the existing picturesque massing and gabled roof forms.
— Warc Studio

Tudor Revival by @warcstudio is an alterations and additions to an interwar period home where the brief called for contemporary spaces derived from the existing home. The addition reused all available existing brick, along with the use of second-hand bricks.⁠

Tudor Revival by @warcstudio took an asymmetrical gable from the side of the house and used it as part of the rear two-storey addition. Following the gable shape, a void was cut into the addition, creating an outdoor dining area.


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Project Information

Located in Balwyn, Victoria
Photographed by @aaronpocockphotography
Built by Big Fish Constructions⁠


Published with @bowerbird.io


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