Silhouette Hytte House by FIGR Architecture


Silhouette Hytte House by FIGR Architecture

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Elwood, Victoria, Australia
Picked by Anthony | 14.07.19

Silhouette Hytte House by @figr_architecture takes the existing house silhouette and extrudes it to create a 3-bedroom family home. While the traditional gable roof profile is simple in its form, the volumes internally are generous and giving. The materials are kept simple, with warm timbers against a white backdrop with hints of black to punctuate certain elements.⁠

The house has a fold in the rear elevation, done to navigate the neighbour's tree canopy. As a result, a much more dynamic facade is created, with it changing appearances from different vantage points.


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Project Information

Located in Elwood, Victoria
Photographed by @blachford
Built by @bydeconstructions
Styled by @ruthwelsby



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