One MANI House by Mani Architecture


One MANI House by Mani Architecture

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Fitzroy North, Victoria, Australia
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Mani Architecture
Picked by Anthony | 06.10.19

We want to change this stigma, we want to educate, we want to teach and we want to showcase the importance of well-designed and executed spaces,
— Sara Tonini, Director of Mani Architecture

Architect’s Statement

“One MANI House is an adaptable, highly aesthetic and space-saving family home of the future. And it’s pretty darn special for a whole lot of reasons.

Pink bathroom? Yes, please. A comfortable and affordable home drenched in buckets of natural light? That shouldn’t even be a question – it should be a given. One MANI House is the brainchild of Mani Architecture, where the client, in fact, was us! And what we set our hearts on achieving is a project that would prove good design is a necessity, not unattainable.

We wanted to educate and push the boundaries of what a family home could look like, and more importantly how it can feel. And that is 100% what we went out and did for One MANI House. We could talk about all the details like the fact we worked with local artisans, or the fact that we were able to get a 12 seat dining table into a pretty narrow living area (and it’s not squishy, promise). But what we want people to take away is that by working with an architect, you can achieve incredible value in your house through design that makes daring choices, and also uses every square inch to create a comfortable and liveable home.

One MANI House is unique, that’s for sure. What does a modern family look like? There’s no one answer, but we think that what suits today, may not be the case in 10 years, heck, maybe not even 5 years! So we addressed it. Part of the house can be completely closed off if needed and the project cleverly includes two separate entrances. Simple. It means it can suit grown up kids sneaking home, anyone who wants to do some Airbnb hosting, there’s even potential for two families to take up residence and feel both privacy and connection.

Ultimately, One MANI House is an adaptable, highly aesthetic and space-saving family home of the future. And that pink bathroom… just makes it all the more sweeter.”


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