Limerick House by Solomon Troup


Limerick House by Solomon Troup

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Eganstown, Victoria, Australia
Picked by Anthony | 11.08.19

Limerick House by @solomontroup is a small addition that orientates the views to the expansive hillsides, a connection which the existing home lacks. Inspired by the timber shearing sheds in the local area, Limerick House is cladded in aging timber, with the gable form responding to the existing home.⁠

Limerick House by @solomontroup sought to connect and respond to the surrounding rural landscape, and with the hillside off into the distance, how can you not? Two large doors frame the views, and in the summertime open up to extend the inside to the outdoor area.⁠

The new addition has the same dimensions and shape as the existing three railway cottages used to build the existing house, but is sloped on the eastern boundary to create a doorway, used to link the house to another existing house on the property.
— Solomon Troup

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Located in Eganstown, Victoria
Photographed by @tatjanaplitt

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