The Kensington Cathedral by Ha


The Kensington Cathedral by Ha

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Kensington, Victoria, Australia
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Photography | Dan Hocking
Picked by Anthony | 03.11.19

Architect’s Statement

The Ridgeway is a historically consistent row of Edwardian weatherboard houses that descend down the ridge line of Kensington. The Kensington Cathedral concept endeavours to relate to the language of the existing weatherboard house, however is unashamedly progressive as it revolves to the south elevation. The existing row house has been retained with pointed adjustments to the plan to maximise each metre of usable space on the site. The traditional model for the row house in the neighbourhood was the 5m wide plan, with a 1m side laneway to the uphill (north side of the house).

In developing the concept plan we realised that there was an opportunity to utilise the side lane and create functional program (ie an ensuite to the front main bedroom) while using the negative spaces for private garden spaces. Each room now benefits from northerly aspect and looks onto a private courtyard rather than the blank wall of the neighbour’s house.  The outcome is a colonnade effect of window portals looking down the length of the house through each garden court from the kitchen. From the front door you peer down the hallway to the view of the garden courtyard beyond.  The rear volume is expansive but is simply a continuation of the existing roof line. The extruded form ends with the shear glass south façade and the tranquil backdrop of the garden.

Beyond you appreciate the typical geometry of the Kensington 30 degree roof gable, perfectly mirroring the framed view from with the space. The cathedral like form echoes the era of the neighbourhood while offering a very unique experience for a home of this vintage.


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Project Information

Kensington, Victoria, Australia
Completion Year _ 2016
Designed by Ha
Photographed by Dan Hocking
Built by CL Constructions



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