Jacaranda House by SP Studio Architecture


Jacaranda House by SP Studio Architecture

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Paddington, Queensland, Australia
Picked by Anthony | 04.08.19

Jacaranda House by @sp_studio_architecture is a flexible family home, being able to accommodate the changing needs over the next 20 years. The home is zoned into two areas, with the core family spaces on a single level, and the zone for Scott Petherick's architectural studio. Wanting to remain authentic to the Queenslander typology, Scott picked up on the traditional language of expressing the construction and featured the beautiful timber work.

As both client and architect, Jacaranda House by @sp_studio_architecture was an exercise in value management. Even though choices were made to reduce cost, they became opportunities for better design outcomes. Scott recalls such an example, where they switched from concrete to timber on the floors downstairs. As a result, this change in material actually helps to delineate the lower plane from the upper.⁠


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Located in Paddington, Queensland
Photographed by @christopherfrederickjones


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