Hawthorn House by Edition Office


Hawthorn House by Edition Office

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Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia
Picked by Anthony | 21.07.19

Hawthorn House by @editionoffice is defined by a pair of concrete shells, that link together by a walkway and courtyard garden. Edition Office wanted to provide a sense of retreat, where refuge and openness are balanced and considered. The shells respond to this, where the private spaces such as bathing and sleeping, are on the first floor, almost hidden behind the solid skin. It isn't until you're upstairs you see the full-height and private courtyards.⁠

On the ground floor, the concrete shells are pulled up, creating arches, that connects you to the entire landscape.

Hawthorn House uses restraint when it comes to the material used, where they believe "strengthens rather than smothers the experiential quality of the project." Concrete and timber give texture, and large expanses of glass provide connection. The formwork boards used on the concrete pavilions were cleaned after use and reused as the fencing giving the entire site the same language and texture as the pavilions.


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Project Information

Located in Hawthorn, Victoria
Photographed by @benhosking1984
Built by @fluxconstruction
Landscape by @eckersleygardenarchitecture
Pool by @domainpoolsandlandscapes


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