Bustle House by FMD Architects


Bustle House by FMD Architects

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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Picked by Anthony | 21.07.19

Bustle House by FMD Architects explores how we as a society are constantly changing how we live, and that relationship with how we are preserving architecture from the past. The bustle dress then became a language of self-expression for the design, where the extension would add character but not detract or dramatically alter the identity of the existing nineteenth-century Victorian terrace.

The language of the bustle in Bustle House by FMD Architects is referenced in the curvature of the walls and windows, along with the timber that flows down the side boundary.

Our architectural addition didn’t wish to re-shape who our building was, and we didn’t wish to change its face or identity. Instead, we were conscious of allowing the house to age gracefully by acknowledging its weathered nature as a thing of beauty and respect.
— FMD Architects

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Project Information

Located in Melbourne, Victoria
Photographed by @peterbbennetts
Built by @integrated_build
Landscape designed by Jo Ferguson⁠
Engineering by @perrettsimpson



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