5S Apartment by Nicholas Gurney


5S Apartment by Nicholas Gurney

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Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Words | Anthony Richardson
Picked by Anthony | 29.09.19

The Japanese have a system called 5S Methodology, which is a way of organsing, reducing waste and increasing efficiency in the workplace. What are these five principles though?

Sort (Seiri)
Seiri is sorting through all items in a location and removing all unnecessary items from the location.

Set In Order (Seiton)
Seiton is putting all necessary items in the optimal place for fulfilling their function in the workplace.

Shine (Seiso)
Seiso is sweeping or cleaning and inspecting the workplace, tools and machinery on a regular basis.

Standardize (Seiketsu)
Seiketsu is to standardize the processes used to sort, order and clean the workplace.

Sustain/Self-discipline (Shitsuke)
Shitsuke or sustain the developed processes by self-discipline of the workers. Also translates as “do without being told”.

Nicholas Gurney has taken these five principles and applied them to this 24sqm apartment, creating a union with the 5S methodology. The tiny apartment has been designed so that the occupants will place importance on the belongings they choose to have with them, which is very important in a place with limited space. Storage has been cleverly integrated into the tiny home, with the bulk of the joinery being 900mm deep allowing for primary objects to be stored at the front while less frequented items can be stowed away at the back.

A mirrored sliding door helps the space feel larger than it is, and a multi-use table gives the occupants variety and choice. What is probably the most cleverest feature of the apartment, a folding perforated wall separates the bedroom from the living space. A television with integrated cables sit on the wall, and depending on the fold, the television either faces the living space or the bedroom.


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Project Information

Designed by Nicholas Gurney
Photographed by @_katlu
Built by @keggconstructions



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