About the design emotive


The Design Emotive is a small but growing architecture and design digital publication. We share amazing architecture, including homes, cultural and civic, offices, cafes, landscape and much more. We also sit down with architects to learn about them, their story, their philosophies and ideas. We have a passion for sharing, we love promoting architecture and architects, and showing the world the value of good design.

The Design Emotive’s story starts back in 2015, long before it was known as The Design Emotive. Anthony Richardson opened up Instagram one day and created a second account, @victorianarchitecture, because he felt compelled to share the awesome architecture he was discovering whilst in architecture school. Not long after he renamed the account to @ArchitectureVictoria, and from there it started to grow. Then on the 9th of February, 2019, the publication was rebranded to what you see today. The rebrand not only allowed Anthony to expand beyond the borders of Victoria, but it was a much better reflection of the goals of the publication, which includes sharing emotive stories involving architecture.

We love telling stories, and that is why we have since started to delve into original content, particularly using video. Video has allowed us to truly capture the story, whether it’s hearing from an architect on how they got interested in architecture, or how the client feels every time they walk through their front door. We love capturing those moments!


Who's Behind This?


It can feel a little weird at times writing in third-person, because there is only one person who manages/works at The Design Emotive, and that’s me! I’m Anthony, I graduated with a Master of Architecture from the Melbourne School of Design, and I don’t like pickles on my burgers. I started architecture school with the sole intention of becoming an architect, but I learnt that I love the sharing, distribution and promotion of architecture. I started to learn more about photography, video and media, and over time I have slowly turned in the person, I am today.

Two truths and a lie, try and guess which is the lie.
1. I had open-heart surgery when I was six days old
2. I had lunch with Bjarke Ingels during my trip to New York City in 2018
3. I stand at a whopping 1.65m

If you want to send me your guess for the lie, or you want to organise a chat over coffee, or you want to discuss photography or video services, or whatever your heart contents, feel free to email me at anthony@thedesignemotive.com.

P.S I no longer have long hair, I just have arranged a new portrait photo yet. I still have the terrible “beard” though.


Red Brick Media


Red Brick Media was founded by Anthony in early February 2019, when he felt it was time to pursue architecture media. Red Brick Media focuses on creating content for architects and other built environment professionals, namely through photography and videography. Sometimes it’s photographs for the architects to use in their marketing, and other times it involves content creation for The Design Emotive. Every original video you see here, Red Brick Media has created it.

Now, it can seem confusing, as both Red Brick Media and The Design Emotive was founded, and managed by the same person, Anthony. However, one way to look at things, Red Brick Media is the content creation side, and The Design Emotive is the distribution outlet. That distribution of course also includes many projects not photographed by Red Brick Media.